2 Piece Salted Caramel Box

3" x 2"

8 Piece Assorted Chocolate Box

Specialty Chocolates

1 lb Truffle Assortment

includes a wide range of

‚ÄčAssorted Truffles only

We carry a wide array of Chocolate Caramel Apples coated with various Toppings

7 Piece Truffle Box

1 lb Pretzel Boxes are beautifully packaged

Our famous Hand Dipped Belgian Chocolate

Pretzel Platter 

3 Piece Hand Dipped Belgian Chocolate Oreos

12 Piece Hand Dipped Belgian Chocolate Oreos

4 Piece Assorted Chocolate Box

4" x 4"

2 Piece Truffle Box

3" x 2"

1 lb Soft Center Assortment

includes Creams, Jellies, Cordials & Truffles

1 lb Homemade Belgian Chocolate Collection

includes Caramels, Peanut Butter Cups, Coconut, Oreos, Nutella Truffles & Nut Clusters