Hi my name is Tracey Williams and I am the owner and creator of Chocolate Parfait LLC.

Established in 2008 Chocolate Parfait LLC was originally located in Lafayette.  In 2013 we decided to move to our current location in Andover Township, which is where I reside with my husband and son.  

Since I was born and raised in England, I am accustomed to good quality European chocolate.  Therefore it was extremely important to me to only provide top quality chocolate.


Having a degree in Business Administration has given me the tools on how to become a successful entrepreneur, along with the essential tools needed to market my business.

My passion for chocolate confectionery coupled with a fascination of inventing new recipes and designs is extremely exciting to me.  I am truly infatuated with the art of chocolate making and being a self-taught chocolatier has given me the freedom to explore various recipes and creations that I have the pleasure in sharing with my customers.

Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to contact me at info@chocolateparfaitnj.com or call us at (973) 579-2203 if you need further assistance.



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